Tata Martino: "When talking about Messi, we're talking about the best player in the world, there's no greater praise than that."


After winning the Leagues Cup 2023 title, Tata Martino praised the team's performance and its stars while enjoying the moment on the field before lifting the trophy.

He was first asked about how he experienced the match, to which Martino replied: "The match was tough, even, very complicated, on a field where besides the opponent, the crowd made itself felt. I think the draw was fair, they had their chances, and we did too. Well, we reached the penalties with a lot of parity. It was our turn (to win), but it could have been Nashville's as well."

Then he was asked if he ever felt like the game was slipping away after taking the lead. Tata responded: "Yes, because I believe we have a deficit in aerial play, but it's true that in the last 2 matches, we conceded goals from rebounds, scrappy situations. If Nashville were to equalize, it shouldn't have been in that manner. If we could have gone through those moments without conceding a goal, we would have had more opportunities."


Next, he was asked to assess Messi's 10 goals and his influence on the team. To this, Gerardo said: "When you mention Leo, you say he's the best player in the world. There's no better praise than that. I value greatly what he's telling the Inter Miami fans, he came to compete, just like Busquets and Alba. They came to compete, and today they won."

Finally, he was asked if he had already left his mark on the squad. Gerardo Martino gave more credit to his players. "Leo, Alba, and Busquets are the ones who have left their mark. It's my role to complement their characteristics with those of the rest of the team."