Óscar Ustari on Leagues Cup 2023: "It's a very nice opportunity"

Oscar Ustari

Prior to the Leagues Cup 2023 quarterfinal between Inter Miami CF and Charlotte FC, two former Argentina teammates of Lionel Mesi spoke about the tournament and the performance of their former teammate.

“I like the competition and the format. For LIGA MX, this is a very nice opportunity and to be able to play an international tournament", said Óscar Ustari.

Máximiliano Rodríguez added: "When Leo is on the pitch, anything can happen".

The Argentine goalkeeper, whose played with Atlas FC in the past and recently left Club Pachuca, called the Leagues Cup 2023 experience “a very good one.”

“I am very happy because those of us who know Leo know how competitive he is and the fact that he is doing well makes us happy. Every time he plays it's a show. Leo makes everything better," said the goalkeeper.

Knowing what it’s like playing for a LIGA MX club, he added,”I like the Leagues Cup and the format. For the Mexican league it is a very nice opportunity and it allows you to enjoy playing against great players. You have the chance to play with the best, and you can enjoy that”.

Rodríguez has been to all of Miami’s home matches during the tournament.

“I think Inter Miami CF will continue to grow,” he said “They already know the idea and little by little they are going to let go, because you have to understand that the team was not doing well and suddenly a new coach comes along, Messi, Alba and Busquets. And there they start to win everything. When they meet, they will continue to grow."

Rodríguez, who knows Gerardo “Tata” Martino well, said about the coach: “He has things very clear and he always thinks about the other goal. In addition, he has high blood pressure at all times ”.

Rodriguez ended his conversation with the media reminding them of who Miami’s star is: “When Leo is there, he can pass anything. He has a performance and an explosion different from the rest.”