Leo Messi: "Winning Leagues Cup would be a beautiful achievement"

messi conferencia

Lionel Messi held a press conference this Thursday ahead of the upcoming Leagues Cup final clash between Inter Miami CF and Nashville SC, scheduled for Saturday, August 19th at GEODIS Park.

Inter Miami’s Argentinian number 10 was asked about various topics and emphasized the importance of clinching an international title with his new team: “It would be incredible for me, for the fans, and for the people at the club,” he affirmed.

"Winning titles helps a lot. It's very nice how people come to support us every game. It's a very young club, and being able to secure our first title would be beautiful for everyone," he added.

In an extensive conversation with the journalists present at the press conference, “Pulga" explained the reasons that led him to make the decision to embark on this journey in the United States: “My decision involved many things, we thought about it with my wife, my children were also part of the decision, the family in general. I simply came to play and enjoy football, which is what I've loved my whole life. I chose that place for that reason, above all else, and I'm very happy with the decision we made."

Regarding his adaptation to the city, he indicated: “I already knew what this city was like, and I already like experiencing the day-to-day here. I'm happy, enjoying this new stage and the experience of living in this country, which is something that I've always thought about," and then he emphasized: “In Paris, it was difficult for me to adapt, the opposite of what's happening here."

Furthermore, he expressed gratitude for the affection of people wherever he goes: “The reception from people has been spectacular from day one, not only in Miami but throughout the United States, as there was also a fantastic reception for me in Dallas, so I'm very happy."

Messi also pointed out that “I don't have any problem with artificial turf. I played all my youth games on artificial turf, and I'm used to it."

And to conclude, he shared his perspective on his chances of winning the Ballon d'Or again: “It's a very important recognition, but I never gave it importance, so to speak. I always prioritized collective awards and achievements at the team level. I've been fortunate to achieve everything in my career. The World Cup was the most important thing in my career. If the Ballon d'Or comes, it will be welcome, but if not, it's not a problem."