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Leagues Cup

The 2020 edition of Leagues Cup will feature a total of 16 teams: eight from Major League Soccer and eight from Liga MX.

The participating LIGA MX clubs will qualify through sustained performances across the 2019-20 Apertura and Clausura seasons – specifically the Apertura 2019 and Clausura 2020 Champions, the Champion of Copa MX, and the following five top-ranked teams in the combined 2019-20 table.


As of today, the Apertura 2019 Champion, CF Monterrey, is the first team to qualify from LIGA MX for Leagues Cup 2020.

The seeding order for LIGA MX teams is as follows:

  • LMX 1: Campeón de Campeones Champion
  • LMX 2: Campeón de Campeones Runner-Up
  • LMX 3: Copa MX Champion
  • LMX 4-8: Top ranked Liga MX teams from the combined Apertura 2019 and Clausura 2020 tournaments

Confirmed LIGA MX teams will be announced at the conclusion of the current 2020 Clausura tournament, along with details of the draw and competition matters.

Similar to the 2019 edition, all matches between MLS and LIGA MX clubs will be played in the home market of the MLS team. In the event of a same-league matchup in the later stages of the tournament, the inter-MLS games will be hosted at the MLS market of the higher-seeded team. Matches featuring two LIGA MX teams, as well as the Leagues Cup Final, will be played in a neutral US-based venue to be announced.

About Liga MX

Liga MX is Mexican soccer’s first division, comprised of 18 clubs throughout the country and headquartered in a new sporting complex in Toluca, México. Visit for more information.