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Leagues Cup

Cruz Azul were able to conquer their second championship in the current semester after beating Tigres UANL 2-1 in the Leagues Cup final. Curiously, they’ve done it with two different coaches, due to the recent changes in La Maquina’s organization.

Edgar Mendez credits the current coach, Robert Dante Siboldi, but he also asks that Pedro Caixinha and Ricardo Pelaez are not forgotten, as they also played a role in this new crown.

“We are very happy, but we must not forget the job done by Pedro Caixinha and his technical staff,” Mendez said. “Because this is also because of them.”

According to the Spanish footballer, lifting the cup also shows that the group stayed focused on playing football and weren’t distracted by off-the-field issues.

“This reflects the union of this group, we truly needed to win because of everything that’s being going on, so that people could see that we are solid and focused,” Mendez explained.

Siboldi mentioned after the match that he liked the personality and heart his players showed. The ‘Cementero’ winger agreed with his coach.

“We showed intensity from the first minute, we did things well, and it was a fair wi because at times we even took possession away from Tigres. That was important, and we found ways to do things in a good way,” Mendez said.

Just as the game was ending, there was an incident between Mendez and Tigres’ goalie Nahuel Guzman, who was shown a straight red card for an apparent elbow against the Spaniard. According to Edgar, the referee made the right decision.

“I was running, and he looks for me to elbow me. In the end, justice was made,” Mendez said. “I think these types of people should do that, because we’re colleagues, but we all know how he is. He’s temperamental, loses his head and he acted wrongly.”