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Leagues Cup

Tigres have loaded their squad. Mexican National Team member Diego Reyes is their most recent star signing. Reyes could be making only his second appearance in Wednesday's Leagues Cup final against Cruz Azul, with the chance of lifting his first trophy with the regiomontano squad.

“It’s very important to come here to play with our full squad,” Reyes said. “It’s a cup, so we came to win it. It’s important for us, for Tigres, for the institution, to take the cup back home.

“That’s what I came here for, that’s why I’m in this institution, because I want to win championships, leagues.”

Reyes is the Nuevo Leon side's most recent acquisition from European football. In past years, they brought back from across the pond players such as Javier Aquino, who has won several championships with Tigres.

However, Diego’s motivation isn’t purely about winning silverware.

“The motivation is already there just by defending this badge, this jersey,” said the former La Liga player with Espanyol de Barcelona and Real Sociedad de San Sebastian.

Reyes is well aware that it won’t be easy to beat Cruz Azul, as “they are a great team that is going to demand a lot from us." But despite that, it's a challenge he's happy to face.

The newest star in town likes the idea of the Leagues Cup being played in Las Vegas, something that he deems as being really “cool”, even though it is also “a dangerous city, but very nice,” Reyes joked.

Diego also believes that the tournament will be strengthened in the 2020 edition when it's expanded to 16 teams.

“The tournament will grow stronger. It’s a good thing that more Mexican and MLS teams participate,” Reyes said, as he was quick to mention that both leagues have grown. “We all know about MLS growth, they have big names in the league right now.

“But there's a reason why two Mexican teams are in this final, it’s because things are being done the right way in Liga MX.”